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Q: Which radiographic error caused this “flat” smile? 

A. Lead collar is above the line
B. The chin is tipped down too far
C. The chin is tipped up too far
D. The patient’s head is twisted


The DANB RHS® (Radiology and Health Safety) Exam and the DANB GC (General Chairside) Exam may show you panoramic radiographs and ask you what type of error was made. There is a whole list of errors that you need to memorize! As we know, there are lots of little things to take care of when we take a panoramic for our patients.

Today, let’s learn the 4 types of errors described above.

In an ideal situation, there should be a slight smile line in the panoramic radiograph.

If the chin is tipped up too far, the smile line disappears and becomes “flat.”

If the chin is tipped down too far, the smile line becomes exaggerated.

If the patient’s head is twisted, one side of the oral structures will appear bigger than the other side.

The lead collar above the neckline will create a “shark’s fin” error.

And also, remember that the lead apron is worn like a poncho, with the opened surface towards the front of the torso.


 Answer: (C). The chin is tipped up too far


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